KB verify

A powerful tool aimed at all Premium Accounts holders.
The vast worldwide ID documents’ Knowledge Base allows to thoroughly check also the IDs and Travel Documents which do not fall under the ICAO Standards.

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An extended knowledge base to ensure the bes interactive support.


From standard Passports and ID cards, to Refugees’ Travel Documents, KB verify helps you verify the document you need to check.

KB verify allows to verify all national codes, on top of allowing to carry out checks on the ones implemented within thr ICAO standard.
It will enable you to authenticate even those documents that carry only the following codes: E.G.N., N.I.D., J.M.B.G., to name a few.

KB verify gets you the results that other services can only dream about.


KB verify is very easy to use thanks to its uncluttered interface and streamlined usability. It can easily be used also by users without any previous document training.

KB verify gives you the ability to check the highest number of IDs currently valid and accepted.