APP verify

The most advanced document verification software in the palm of your hand.
iOS® e Android® Apps allow you to carry out the most complete checks in every situation.

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APP verify is the right choice for a quick and immediate verification.
Android® and  iOS® compatible, works both on smartphones as well as tablets.
It is the tool preferred by those who need to verify IDs on the move.

APP verify works 24/7 to ensure an unrivaled service worldwide, at any given time.


Reports are sent out in only a few seconds allowing users to carry on with their duties.

Every APP verify check, results in a comprehensive report.

Every single verification request optimizes data usage.


Similarly to every single ID verify services, APP verify extract and works on all data on the ID document page, not only the one residing in the ICAO code.

A fast and straightforward App that makes good use of your handset’s photo-camera.